Well, for the lovers of card games, Casino war is not new to you. If you wish to play the game of the safest platform, you should visit 1001-online-casino . However, to the new players, Casino war is a proprietary table game. It was desined with the theme of the game of war. Currently, the game is owned and sistributed by the famous Shuffle Master. In is a giant producer of casino products. Shuffle Master is a member of a corporation known as Scientific Games. Scientific game is a US company that produces one of the best casino products and services to the casinos across the world. War casino game is poplular in casinos because of the follwing reasons;

  • The strategy is easy to master.
  • The player has 50%+ chances of beating the dealer.

Before we proceed further, we need to understand the gameplay. War casino game has 52 card decks. The ranking of the cards here is similar to the one in the game of poker where individual cards are arranged ranking from highest to lowest. The cards involved here are A, K, Q, J, (10 to 2 cards). The only difference is the fact that in the Casino war, the aces assumes the highest ranking. The dealer and the player each deals one card. The player will win when his card is ranked higher than that of the dealer. In case the dealer has a card higher than that of the player, it is the player who loses the game.

The game ends in a tie in case both player and the dealer have cards which are ranked the same. If this happens, the prayer has only two options; either to surreder or go to war. Surredering means the player concedes the defeat. In this case, he will pocket the half of the money wagered initialy. Going to war means the player will double the wagered amount. If the player goes to war, the dealer must bust three cards before each of them is allowed to pick another card. In case the player manages to pick a card that is ranked higher than that of the dealer, he will keep the amount equivalent the one initialy wagered. The other two options are as follows;

  1. The player loses total (doubled) wager if the dealer card is ranked highest.
  2. The player will also win doubled wager if both cards ties again.

In the event of a tie, the player can also place a side bet. In this case, the player's card must match with the dealer in the ranking. The winning is in the ratio of 10:1 to the player's original wager. The game requires a mixture of experience and strategy. The player is discouraged to surreder since it gives an advantage to the house in the event that the casino offers a bonus payout. The game gives both players and the dealer a 46.3% chance to win the first card. However, the house advantage comes in the event of a tie. The house advantage will be minimal in case there is a bonus payout and high when the decks used are high in number.

The history of this game dates from 1993. It was developed in-house by a tech company known as Bet Technology. It is based in the Carson city of Nevada (USA). The company filled the parttend rights of the game in 1993, allowing it to be the sole producer of casino war game. The game was popular in Nothern Nevada casinos such as Harrah's Tahoe. However, in 2004, another bigger company known as Shuffle Master bought a significant assets that belongs to Bet Technology. Cason war was also sold. To date, the game is solely produced and distributed by Shuffle Master company which operates under Scientific Games corporation. Casino war is now popular across the world. In almost all the casinos, you are likely to find this game.